Tollan is a Belgian band born in 2014 when Fabien Dargent (bass) and Eric Stevens (drums) - tired of the lack of artisitic liberty in a previous group - created their own electro rock project. Jacques Noach (guitar) quickly joined them and after a few years searching the right voice Lionel Vandendries became undoubtedly the ultimate singer for the band.

The name "Tollan" was basically chosen in reference to the Toltec capital in South America, Eric Stevens being himself a promoter of the "Four Agreements" also called "Les accords Toltèques" in French.

Originally the aim was to mix modern electro sound with the approach of a conventional rock band so that powerful rock tones contrast with gliding atmospheres. Another important decision taken was to use French lyrics because they wanted Tollan to be meaningful, engaged and denouncer of modern abuses. That is why their music can be dynamic but often quite dark at the same time and even sometimes oppressive too. Some covered topics being for instance animal suffering, growing old, marital difficulties, virtual current life, …

French is certainly not an easy choice for rock music. As a non-native English speaking band they could not have dealt with these themes correctly and credibly otherwise, it’s a matter of consistency. On the other side, French is however one of the richest languages that is why Tollan strongly believes that when words correctly fit the music they can be as portent as English.

As far as their influences are concerned, they come mainly from the 80’s, each member of the group has been deeply marked by the New Wave trend and this comes out very clearly when listening to their music. They are proud to transmit this heritage to the current audience and consider it as a chance to have grown as musicians during these artistically very rich years.

Their first record "Faux Départs" (False Starts) contains 11 tracks and was released early this year. Initially this album should have been recorded in Bordeaux, France but facing numerous logistical problems the band finally decided to settle on using a Belgian countryside studio to work serenely on their first baby.

Eric Stevens

Fabien Dargent

Jacques Noach

Lionel Vandendries
Vocal, keyboards

The album "Faux départs" is available on 250 streaming and upload platforms

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